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not just about making money; but it’s also a great way to express your knowledge and help others. I am happy to have started walking in the same direction as Regarding the migration, yes I moved using an .htaccess file (301 redirects). But I removed almost 70% of my content because they are not needed and do not generate traffic at all. So, I don’t care about the loss of traffic and backlinks with this migration. You can consider this as a new blog only because the pattern is now completely different. 5. What was your first payment through blogging? By what means and how do you feel so? My first Blogspot blog was in the foods and recipes niche. Manidipa and I are very good at cooking, and this is one of our best

moments. It took over a year and a

half to rack up $100 in Adsense revenue from this blog. At that time, I hadn’t focused on learning SEO and ranking. Like many people, we just post recipes whenever VP Maintenance Email Lists we have the time. But when we received our first payment, it really compelled us to think beyond this recipe blog. I had started to learn how things work in search engines. I started reading the stories of top bloggers from India and around the world and how they have grown over time. 6. I have noticed that your social groups are growing at a good pace. What would be your only intention behind the growth of social followers (where

others push it to follow training programs

VP Maintenance Email Lists

Share your #1 tips for growing your social media followers, especially group members. Frankly, I started this Facebook group with the typical intention of driving traffic to my blog. But my perception changed when I started interacting with people. If you noticed, I didn’t name the band with my website or my brand name. It’s a team of bloggers to help anyone who needs help. Gradually, I can focus on building a strong community to connect and grow together. Of course, it helps me increase my blog traffic. But, right now, I’m more focused on updating content, creating content that helps

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