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response from your audience, such as getting them to click a button, open an email, or prepare a credit card. In either case, you’ll want to approach emotional marketing as a process that triggers a biological response to your creative assets. Does it get your heart rate up? Do you dilate your pupils? Induce hormones? In 2013, researchers demonstrated that increasing oxytocin, a hormone (and neurotransmitter) associated with empathy, trust, tolerance, and attachment, increased donations to public service announcement calls. During the course of the study, the researchers found that participants with elevated oxytocin levels “donated 57% more to the cause of the ad, donated 56% more, and were 19 more interested

in the cause of the ad.” % increased

In the second experiment of the same study, researchers measured ACTH, a hormone that regulates cortisol. By associating ATCH with interest, the researchers Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists predicted that increases in both oxytocin and ACTH would lead to greater increases in donations. The results were as expected, with a 261% increase in donations. In 2014, another study examined the heart rate of audiences in response to television commercials and found an increase in “cardiac activity during viewing of television commercials judged to be enjoyable.” Marketers are in a unique position to use their creativity to elicit an

emotional response that is beneficial to

Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists

their business. The key is getting your audience’s brain to respond favorably to your marketing efforts. Part of this approach may require a different way of thinking about emotional marketing. Ultimately, figuring out how to use emotions to get results is both good thinking and effective marketing. *This article is a translation and supplement of the article published on 3/5 of the US media ” Marketing Land ” . I can do it myself with Thrive Themes and its products, like Thrive Architect. In the case, Genesis, I will have to depend on a developer to design a custom page template. As an individual

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