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Several studies show that if you use an image Philippines Phone Number that evokes an emotional response, it is remembered many times better by the audience than a standard image. The image used can be a metaphor or Philippines Phone Number something more literal. But it should be clear why the audience is looking at it and why it matches what you are saying. To do this, look for images that not only speak strongly about the concept, but are also easy for the audience to align with your story. When I Philippines Phone Number assemble a slide deck, I always look at photos that I have taken myself. They are unique and also perfectly show what I want to say. Don’t I have it at hand?

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Then I always look at free stock photo Philippines Phone Number websites like Pexels , Pixabay or Unsplash . Also take a good look in advance on which screen you are giving the presentation. You want to avoid making a Philippines Phone Number presentation on ‘squarescreen’ (4:4, 1024×768 pixels) that is played on ‘widescreen’ (16:9, 1920×1080 pixels), so that black images appear at the top and Philippines Phone Number bottom of the slides. bars appear. The power of color You can also evoke emotions with the good use of colors. Of course, in line with the story you want to tell, the tone of the story and not the whole rainbow as a palette.

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Warning, inspiring or informative: base Philippines Phone Number on the tone I want to set, I use Coolors to create a good color palette. I always pay close attention to the contrasts. Numerous studies show that the use of contrasting Philippines Phone Number colors has various positive effects on the audience, through the effects in the brain. It ensures that the audience not only understands a story better, but it also evokes more emotional reactions. Also try to give the audience some rest. For example, by Philippines Phone Number turning white slides with black text into black slides with white text, which is very nice for the eyes. But also by inserting visual breaks: black slides with nothing on them. You don’t always have to have a slide behind you when you tell a story.


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