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Do any of these sound familiar to you when dealing with your IT or development team? “Why didn’t they tell me first?” “Were they even thinking about SEO when they did this?” “Why aren’t you prioritizing my requests?” Take a deep breath; You are not alone. Remember how hard it was to get a meeting with the content writers for that keyword research workshop? Now think about doing that with developers. And on top of that you need to add requests to your already busy queue. Most organizations, especially when it comes to digital marketing projects, are still working in silos. The developers are also very busy! SEO professionals are always planning content to re-optimize or produce. The same can be said for developers. They have weekly sprints, tech debt, and are always available when something goes wrong on our website.

We need to better understand how to communicate with the development team, how to prioritize issues, and how we can change our process so we can work better together. Commercial Continue reading below In this column, you’ll learn more about how we can prioritize technical SEO issues Algeria whatsApp number list without rocking the web development ship. How to educate the development team on SEO There are so many different things you can do to help your SEO strategy succeed, so it’s important to prioritize what you need to do first. And when it comes to technical SEO, it becomes a whole new beast.

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Educate web developer about SEO The first step in prioritizing technical issues is to make sure the development team understands what SEO is and its importance as a channel to the site. Most of the time, when there are technical issues that hinder SEO, the development team is not aware of them. They are not creating technical problems on purpose. Technical teams can also be extremely defensive around their own work. I mean, who isn’t? Make sure you don’t blame them for these problems, but show them how you can work together. Commercial Continue reading below Give context to your requests When I am creating a whitepaper of all the problems on the website, I also include why this is necessary and what the solution should be.

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By including educational resources on what the problem is and what the solution is, developers have more information available on why this is so important and how it can benefit the website as a whole. Not including this context of why it’s important to fix this issue adds more work to both teams as they have to search for the information. Usually the issue will not be prioritized. Share knowledge openly and regularly It’s incredibly important to break down the silos of the marketing and development teams.

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Communication is key, especially in organizations where each department can have an impact on the goals of the other. If you submit a ticket to update hundreds of canonical tags, you may be interrupting the last week of your sprint. On the other hand, if the development team accidentally writes 404s to a bunch of our valuable SEO pages, it could add more work for both teams in the future. No one wants to add more work to someone else’s plate. By holding joint knowledge sharing sessions, the SEO team can explain what matters from an on-site SEO perspective and the development team can find out how this can be incorporated into the current queue of projects.

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