The Value of Smiling and Saying Thank You When They Give Birth to You Unjustifiably

In general I am a peaceful person. I haven’t always been like this. Between the ages of 12-25 it was enough to itch a little to put me in attack mode. I’ve had a lot of blows to the head in that time.

At First You Feel Better Because You Look for the Immediate

Later you realize that it wasn’t that big of a deal or that Tonga B2B List you caused more harm than good with your reaction. Over the years I have changed my strategy and my way of dealing with this type of situation.

1. Don’t show tension : I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth a try. You do not show the expected reaction of the person who attacks you, so you generate insecurity on their part, which gives you an advantage.

2. Let It Finish – Let the person shoot all the bullets they have. If you interrupt her, she can break your speech with new arguments. Once finished you can do a quick analysis of the accusations.

3. Do not excuse yourself, explain yourself : in each accusation or criticism there may be truths that we cannot deny. Do not get lost with excuses but simply explain what the situation has been from your point of view.

4. Say Thank You and Smile :

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Yes, I’m serious. It is a sign of confidence and shows your capacity for self-criticism. It is not relevant who is right and in fact it never is. Especially if it is a discussion where several people are present, your image is strengthened.

5. Learn your lesson : a conflict has to be a source of valuable information for your personal development. Take advantage of it to be able to prevent situations that generate negative energy and make you feel bad.

Nobody likes to be treated unfairly. If they put you to give birth and on top of that unfairly, it is difficult not to have an immediate reaction of angry counterattack. Negative emotions are never a good way to come out of a critical situation as the winner. A cool head is what helps you win.

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