The Title of Your Post and Feel the Magic

Whoever reads this blog frequently knows how much I insist on the importance of post titles . If you have been with yours for some time, you already know that sometimes they are 80% of its success.

They are decisive when making a user’s decision to click on a search result, tweet on Twitter or update on Facebook. There are many posts out there that do not receive the attention they deserve because they neglect this fundamental aspect.

The “magic” of the Rankings With the “top Blogs of…”

Lately there are more posts than usual Austria B2B List with the “top blogs of…”. Name the theme you want. They tend to work just as well in the vast majority of existing niches on the internet. The key is to make a selection of 3-20 blogs (or the ones you want, in an extreme case I made one of 100) that you like the most and dedicate a post to them.

The blogger’s ego : we all like people to speak well of us. To the blogger or “egoblogger” species even more than the average. If you have 10 blogs on your list, you can count that at least 50% will help you spread the ranking since it gives them prestige.
The attractiveness for the user : this type of content has an attraction like a magnet for the reader. Just put a “top” in the title of the post to feel the magic. Something in our unconscious seems to be attracted to everything that seems to stand out.
The networking factor : Being part of your ranking of the “top blogs of…” promotes the bloggers who are part of it. What you are doing is creating a kind of debt. It is not one of those that can be charged at a given moment but can be “paid” when you least expect it. It serves to encourage networking with other bloggers.
The prestige for the author : many users still think that a ranking can only be done by someone who has a deep knowledge of the subject. Sometimes the perception is that the author of the same must also be a reference to be able to create it. We all know that anyone can create a ranking without spending years in a field.

Use the “top” in the Titles Beyond the Rankings

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Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated. Given the general popularity of the term “top”, it should not be applied solely to blog rankings. There are many other fields where they can be applied.

1. Celebrities and other well-known characters : We love gossip. Even to all those who say they are not interested. Our friends always tease my wife for reading these types of magazines. It is enough to leave one of hers in front of her from her seat on the sofa to see that after 2 minutes they have it in her hand reading it carefully. You can talk about the best or worst dressed celebrities. Those who have been married and divorced the most times, those who have the most children, the richest, etc.

2. Products, brands and companies : there are a number of blogs that are specialized in talking only about products, brands and companies. I bet that among the 10 most read articles there is at least one of the “top…” type. You can talk about the oldest, richest, most delinquent companies, etc. You can also write content about specific niche products. E.g. “The 10 best providers to call abroad”.

3. Records, curiosities and interesting data : by mentioning the Guinness Book that contains the most important records in the world, I already tell you everything. When I was little I had a small collection because I loved the subject. Did you know that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery? Interesting facts and curiosities are out of the ordinary so they are useful to attract the attention of users.

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