The Secret to Finding the Time to Blog if You Have a Family

It’s been more than a year and a half since I wrote a post about how to find time to blog if you have a busy schedule . My personal situation has changed since then because suddenly you have a little girl by your side who requires attention and depends on you. You don’t have the flexibility that you had before.

My “secret” to Be Able to Publish Every Day Having a Family

When you have a family, the spaces to write are Belize WhatsApp Number still much scarcer than they were before. The advice I proposed at the beginning of 2011 is still perfectly valid, but it does not adapt 100% to the situation of a person with a family. I thought it’s a good idea to update the post with this new context.

The “secret” of being able to continue with the blog and even move to daily publishing was something very basic and common sense. Sometimes when you don’t see something that you would like to do because of your personal circumstances, you don’t see that there may be solutions that are within your reach. The formula that I have found is the commitment that I made public announcing my daily post challenge for 2012. Communicating that you want to do something is not enough.

4 Points to Keep in Mind to Fulfill Your Blog Commitment

Committing yourself and wanting to do something is not enough. If you have set out to create a blog and not throw in the towel like 95% of first-year bloggers, you have to prepare it with your head. The following points have helped me to be able to fulfill what I set out for myself at the end of 2011.

1. Agreement and communication with the couple : when you have a family you have commitments. There will be times when you need the understanding of your partner to be able to dedicate yourself to your blog. Agreeing the time you are going to dedicate to it and when you plan to do it frees you in the future from possible discussions. There is no guarantee that problems will not arise, but if things are discussed as a couple beforehand, misunderstandings and surprises are avoided.

2. Generate Ideas in Idle Times :

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No one or let’s say very few are creative under pressure. I hate those days where I have had an intensive day and I have no ideas to publish. The trick to be able to write without it costing you is to already have an idea that you really want to publish. It is good to separate the phase of writing and generating ideas. When you go on the subway, under the shower, in the car or wherever, let your brain work a little. Very good ideas can arise in these dead times. To generate ideas, you have to take advantage of them consciously.

3. Reserve fixed spaces to write : reserving spaces to write is useless if you do not have a specific idea that you really want to write. The “win” factor is important and I notice it every time in the result when I finish a post. It is better to have several ideas in mind and choose the one based on the motivation you have to publish it. In my case, the space to write is when the little one goes to bed. Only if I travel does the schedule change and I take advantage of these moments to write posts if there are no other urgent tasks.

4. Reduce TV time : This point is obvious but maybe you needed someone to tell you directly. If you really want to have a blog you have to make some sacrifice. Mine is the time I spend in front of the TV. Over time it will cost you less and less. On the one hand you get used to it. On the other hand, you will receive positive feedback from your readers that turns a possible sacrifice into pure fun.

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