The secret to achieving powerful collaborations where both win

With one word: transparency. The vast majority of collaborations do not arise or fail due to the lack of it. We are afraid to say everything because we think that this could set back the company or person with whom we want to collaborate.

In theory, just the opposite should be done. Transparency is the basis for achieving trust , I don’t know if this is your case, but I realize if someone doesn’t want to tell everything. You notice that there is something in the head of the person you are talking to that they are hiding. It is normal that on these occasions you assume the worst. Mistrust arises immediately.

The first thing you Venezuela B2B List should do is be 100% transparent. What is your motivation? What are your goals? If you open up, to begin with, you get trust because your potential collaborator sees that you have nothing to hide. You can also adjust the formula for a better fit. In general, both want to do things together but run the risk of not finding a way to do it because the real reasons behind it are unknown. Wanting to make money in the short term is not enough for collaborations to work in the long term. We must go further and plan in the medium and long term.

How to Get the Most Out of Long-term Collaborations

For many, the problem is not being transparent but getting to the point where someone sits down with you because you share similar interests. To get here you have to perform different steps. We could say that there are 3 phases when it comes to getting collaborations.

1. Get the attention of a potential collaborator : few of us are Apple, Telefónica or Google. In these cases, it is enough to send an email to any company in the world saying that you want to collaborate to have the doors open. Things are more complicated when you start from scratch. You may think that there is a secret formula but in reality it is rather the sum of many small details.

How to Get Powerful Collaborations When Nobody Knows You

2. Finding the perfect fit : perfection does not exist but to start a collaboration you have to find a starting point that comes close to it. Although it seems at first that a formula has been found that fits 100%, there will always be deviations from this ideal situation.

How to Create the Right Expectations in Business

Venezuela B2B List
Venezuela B2B List

3. Exceed expectations in the medium and long term : if you are benefiting from the relationship, you have to make sure that the other party also wins. It can even be a good strategy that your collaborator has the perception that he is earning more than you. Sometimes this may only be a small effort for you.

From “win-win” to “win-more” in commercial collaborations

Collaborations are a powerful weapon for a company if you know how to take advantage of them. Do not waste time with those who do not give you anything. You have to go through some to know the differences between those that are going to help you and those that are going to waste your time.

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