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Use the tool to your advantage and gain UK Phone Number inspiration or speed up your research. These AI tools lend themselves well to experimenting and rewriting the content to ultimately turn it into a relevant article. Like the intro to this article, which I UK Phone Number wrote in collaboration with the Writesonic tool.Example of an introduction generated by AI tool Writesonic and the human rewritten version Want to discover for yourself how it works? In the trial version of Writesonic you have a limited number of credits that you can use. This gives UK Phone Number you a taste of what is possible with AI. In addition to the tools I tested for this article, there are of course a ton of other AI tools you can use to generate content.

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Inflation, rising energy and petrol UK Phone Number prices, high rent and house prices. Everything is becoming more expensive, so purchasing power is falling and competition is rising. Add to that the disappearance of third-party cookies and you can conclude that the elusiveness of customers is greater than ever before. How can we move from this UK Phone Number short term chaos to long term growth? The answer: with content marketing! But in the right way. Content, content and more content. Content marketing is (and remains) the way to reach and retain UK Phone Number customers for a longer period of time. Especially now that third party targeting is disappearing. Am I kicking in an open door?

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Maybe. But would you believe me if I said that UK Phone Number only a small part (one fifth) of all produced content accounts for a large part (80%) of the turnover? Or that 91% of all content does not generate any traffic from Google? No for sure Yet it UK Phone Number is so! Mårten Bokedal of Optimizely stated during his trend session on Emerce Digital Marketing Live: There is a need of reducing the amount of work around work. – Mårten Bokedal By this he refers to the amount of content that we produce together on a daily basis. More is not always better . It’s UK Phone Number time to go back to basics. Back to the authentic content. Content with a story. Daring to deviate from the crowd and really staying close to yourself.


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