To What Extent Do You Have to Answer the Questions and Doubts of Your Readers?

There is a common story that many bloggers share. The first comments are perceived as a gift from heaven. It makes you very excited to see that suddenly there are more people apart from your mother, your partner and 2 or 3 friends that you have forced to read the blog. Dedicate time to the reader Fotolia photo rights . Colombia WhatsApp Number List . The first emails receive by readers are answered with impressive energy and enthusiasm. Many of a blogger’s first replies are post-long and require almost as much or even more time. These first answers are so detaile that they help enormously for the creation of a community around the blog .

Colombia WhatsApp Number List . When the attention of the blogger to the reader turns from illusion to overwhelm When the blog continues to grow, you realize that it is impossible to respond in such detail to everyone and you settle for 3-4 lines for everyone who contacts you. Later, between responding to comments, creating new content, responding to social networks and answering questions from readers by mail, the blogger can become overwhelmed because they simply cannot scratch more hours a day. Complaints may even arise from unattended readers because you begin to forget to respond to all messages due to the amount of communication you are managing in your day to day.

When the Attention of the Blogger to the Reader Turns From Illusion to Overwhelm

The idea was to focus my efforts on limiting the number of contact points with readers and managing them more effectively. Colombia WhatsApp Number List Later, my reflections have led to the creation of a utopia about queuing communication to better manage the messages we receive through our different communication channels. Colombia WhatsApp Number List . How to spend time with your readers without getting overwhelmes If you are looking for a magic formula in this post you will not find it. The rule is that there is no rule. You as a blogger set the limits and the hours you want to dedicate to your readers.

Mine is to answer everyone even if my answer is not always exactly what they are looking for. Colombia WhatsApp Number List . Observing what other bloggers are doing and initiatives that I will launch in a couple of months, I can give you some clues on how to serve your users without your blog becoming a source of stress. 1. Create a FAQ: With a section of frequently asked questions (FAQ in English) you can answer probably 80% of the questions. has created a section to answer the usual questions from beginners in the world of WordPress . 2. Set the rules – do it like Robert from “Listen to your body”. The truth is that you come out a bit intimidated when you read the paragraphs that come before their contact form .

How to Spend Time With Your Readers Without Getting Overwhelmed

Colombia WhatsApp Number List
Colombia WhatsApp Number List

If you want to control your time you have to mark the rules with the reader so that he knows under what conditions he can increase the probability of receiving a response. 3. Recommend a forum : on many occasions, more than specific advice . What the reader is looking for from me is an opinion. For these questions (and also to ask questions) the forums are ideal because you receive many different opinions and not just mine. Colombia WhatsApp Number List . I’m considering launching my own forum (without me managing it) for these issues.

4. Create templates with answers : to respond more effectively to typical questions that will arise despite having created a FAQ. You can save some templates in Word that you can copy and paste easily, customizing it with the name adding equal 2-3 specific phrases. 5. Charge for more detailed consultations : it is a topic that I already discussed months ago on the blog . The payment per consultation seems to be less frowned upon by the reader than. I would have imagined after reading the comments on the post. It’s part of setting the rules saying what you can get for free and defining things that you get only for a fee.

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