The Process of Growing Personally and Professionally

I was born in Germany. Due to my Spanish genes I have given the growth spurt before my Germanic friends. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . I do not want to say that I have fallen short but with 173 centimeters you are exceeded by 60% of German women and at 14 years old I was the shortest of the group of friends.

You don’t have to be tall to be big

It is said that short men have more bad milk than Lithuania WhatsApp Number List average and at the same time are also ambitious to compensate for having to look up when talking to the vast majority of people. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . At 14 years old it’s still hard for you but over time you realize that size doesn’t matter. To stand out you don’t have to be tall but rather act big. You don’t always get to the top but the least you have to do is get going to reach it even if it costs .

It’s not enough to try because that’s why you stay home. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . To give a “growth” you have to feel the pain of growing. No one has said it’s easy. Always think that at some point you will have to look back and you won’t have the money to make up for lost time buying a Porsche or the fitness to run a marathon.

How to grow personally and professionally

Lithuania WhatsApp Number List
Lithuania WhatsApp Number List

There is no happiness without pain. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . Life is full of contrasts so that we can appreciate the positive sides more knowing the effort involved in reaching these points. Nobody is going to give you anything. Life is full of rewards if you decide to take the difficult path, aspiring to have a happy life.

1. Get out of the comfort zone : I am not the first to tell you this, nor will I be the last. If necessary I will remind you. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . Every time you step out of your comfort zone an inch, you increase it. To broaden your horizon you have to do things that are not pleasant for you. Many people who read this blog feel uncomfortable talking on the phone. If this is also your case, you already know where to start.

2. Add experiences : life is a sum of experiences and not all of them are always positive. To grow you have to do things. Then they can get better or worse but you can’t stay home and then be surprised that good things never happen to you. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . You realize that something has changed in your life when you go to bed earlier on weekends than on Monday through Friday. When, despite being tired, you go out to meet friends, you realize that it was worth not staying home.

3. Learn, Learn, Learn – Learn a new language. Lithuania WhatsApp Number List . Start playing the guitar. What is it you always wanted to learn? What prevents you from starting now with it? In reality, the only thing you have are excuses such as lack of time, children, work, etc. Nothing happens if you take it easy, but the difference between what are really priorities and what is your laziness that prevents you from doing things.

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