The Power of Ignorance

Do not get me wrong. I’m not saying that not knowing anything makes you go far in life. Nor am I referring to the concept of unlearning or that you begin to ignore the advice you receive from your environment. I want to talk to you about something different.

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not knowing that it is not possible
When I started looking for funding for my first start-up, Ecuador WhatsApp Number List  I only had a Powerpoint presentation for investors in my hands. With this I started looking for financing without knowing that what I was trying was an impossible task. The same is why after 1 year of searching and x meetings with investors I succeeded. Nobody had told me that it is not possible to obtain financing with an idea, so I had no doubt that it could be done.

Jeff Bezos, who now with the purchase of the Washington is more in the media than normally applied this logic when hiring his first programmers at Amazon. He preferred people with potential but without necessarily having years of experience in the required fields. If someone did not know that something was not possible in the end he would have a better chance of success than someone with more knowledge.

Deny the Impossible

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Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

A start-up with a little more than 1 year of experience and with losses in the balance goes to the bank to request a loan without the personal guarantee of the entrepreneur… This phrase is not the beginning of a startup joke, although after this post someone they come up with one.

Everyone knows that the banks are very bad. Investing in a start-up is very risky. Giving him a credit without guarantees is crazy. Trying to get it as an entrepreneur is therefore a waste of time. This is more or less what I told a colleague with a start-up that had exactly that plan: get a loan without a personal guarantee from a bank.

This brave and “ignorant” man to call him somehow made it. I was the first to be surprised and not be able to believe it despite seeing the statement in the bank account.

If you ask me about both points mentioned in this post, I will continue to tell you the same thing. Sometimes it can be good not to be informed and to be a little ignorant to achieve your goals. “Impossible” is just an opinion that you can change at any time if you really want to.

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