The movie posters that 2018 leaves us

From indie movies to superheroes, we say goodbye to 2018 talking about the graphic design of the most interesting movie posters of this past year and the design studios behind them the movie poster is the publics first and most important contact with a film they hardly know that element that, if it combines message, composition and color range well in its design , can synthesize an entire story in just one image, open the window to a world worth exploring . Today we take a tour of the graphic design of 2018 seen through this seasons movie posters , to show different styles, trends and countries and above all give prominence to some of the authors and agencies behind them. To vindicate one of the oldest cinema trades in existence, and the talent of all those capable of compressing the universe of a film into an evocative image.


The Polka Dot: Art, Cosmos and Graphic Design.

The first purge gerard mcmurray, 2018 the e-commerce photo editing movie posters that 2018 leaves us 1 many of the great hollywood blockbusters insist on reviling with lazy designs an art that has given us some of the most emblematic images in the history of cinema. But within the united states there are still studios that sometimes find the freedom to take risks with more innovative proposals even for highbudget films . . One of them is the californian la lindeman associates, which always manages to print personality and impressive color on the posters of such commercial films as, for example, captain marvel, hellboy or the predator.

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10 Designs That Are Out of This World.

In the case of the first teaser poster for the first purge , and BVD Directory with the help of photographer cullin tobin , they manage to connect the film with the trump imaginary and reduce it to its most iconic component the trivialization of violence. Less is more . Suspiria luca guadagnino, 2018 the movie posters that 2018 leaves us 3 luca guadagnino s film reinterprets the original film by dario argento from sobriety and contention that only breaks out at specific moments, but of course the design of its official poster is not exactly sober .

With a style reminiscent of the credit titles and the posters designed by saul bass , linking the film with the cinema of the fifties and sixties, la once again offers a twist to the usual promotional images. As a collage of very diverse elements from the letters to the eyes, passing through the blood stains, the poster also seems to refer to the madness and freedom of the dadaists .

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