The most anticipated exhibitions in Mexico to start 2019

Guillermo del toro, zaha hadid and koons are some of the artists leading the exhibitions in mexico this year from the sound installation and augmented reality to the personal objects of one of the great mexican filmmakers the first months of 2019 bring with them great events for lovers of culture, art and museums. Here are some of the unmissable exhibitions in mexico guillermo del toro at home with monsters museum of arts of the university of guadalajara , jalisco from march to july guillermo will exhibit his collection of more than 500 objects sketches, notes, models, clothes, posters, toys and sculptures that have inspired him throughout his life. A fan of the occult, monsters and comics, the collection includes original pieces used in some of his films and is curated by eugenio caballero, collaborator and close friend of the director.


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The exhibition opens in guillermos hometown, but photo retouching service in mexico city they will have to wait until 2020 for it to arrive at the san carlos museum. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 1 angel of death for hellboy 2, 2008. Naked appearance desire and the object in the work of marcel duchamp and jeff koons jumex museum , mexico city from may 17 to september 29 massimiliano gioni, curator, art critic and artistic director of the new museum new york, is in charge of curating this joint exhibition of more than 70 works by marcel duchamp and jeff koons. An exhibition that confronts the work of both artists to show the parallels, the coincidences and the social relations of two of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

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The museo jumex will exhibit some of the most BVD Directory important works by both creators, such as duchamps bicycle wheel and fountain as well as koons made in heaven and balloon dog. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 4 gazing ball ariadne, 2013. Jeff koons. Ai weiwei university museum of contemporary art , mexico city from april 13 to october 6 although mexico has already welcomed and presented the work of the chinese artist.

This year he returns to the country to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the muac with an exhibition that will occupy the largest room in the museum on the one hand, it will be dedicated to the history of the ming dynasty with the reconstruction of a chinese temple, and on the other it will represent some of the current problems in mexico with lego pieces. The most anticipated exhibitions in mexico to start 2019 7 descending light, 2007.

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