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The interview takes place online, you can Kuwait Phone Number only ask the customer a) for footage b) make a new appointment to shoot footage yourself. It depends on your goal whether you can handle option a or whether you have to be patient. 3. Prepare the customer Before your appointment, make sure that the customer Kuwait Phone Number knows what the intention is and what you are looking for. For example, do you want to know certain figures to be able to properly outline the before and after situation? The customer must know this in advance in order to have them ready during Kuwait Phone Number your arrival. In addition, it is important that the customer knows what to expect. Who are you coming with?

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How long does the conversation Kuwait Phone Number last? What happens to the content? What kind of photos are taken? Etcetera. Make sure the customer is well briefed. 4. Agreements about the use of the content Make agreements about the use of the customer case. If you are not transparent about this, customers sometimes Kuwait Phone Number become nervous. Sometimes a simple ‘you get to read and see everything before we publish’ is enough. But if it concerns more sensitive information, you can use a disclaimer, for example. You want to avoid a discussion at a later stage about which material you Kuwait Phone Number can use and where. This is at the expense of the customer relationship.

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Take your time It sounds very obvious, but Kuwait Phone Number put the customer at ease first. As a marketing or communication professional you can also damage the customer relationship. In any case, ask your colleagues in advance whether there are any special features that you should take into account Kuwait Phone Number during your visit to the customer. When you arrive at the customer, first take time for some small talk. What I always find an accessible way to get to know each other is a short tour. That shows that you are interested in what they are doing, the Kuwait Phone Number customer can talk about something they already know and thus has the time to feel comfortable with you.

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