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Prioritize by organic performance (think traffic, conversions, or keyword rankings. The best way to make the company care about something is by showing them.  Once an executive finds out that they may be losing traffic or conversions and. We know how to fix the problem, this will definitely help things move in the right direction. The easiest way I’ve found to get more support for technical SEO resources. Or to get the technical team to actually care about our issues. Is by adding organic performance data to these pages.

Displaying organic data, especially keyword rankings, is honestly one of the best ways to. Help resonate with different teams why. Commercial Continue reading below When Australia whatsApp number list thinking about organic data to display. Try to incorporate metrics that are easily understood by the team as a whole. Organic traffic (sessions, page views, visitors, etc.). Conversions. Keyword ranks (I even break this down into page 1 keyword ranks to show how viewable these pages are). Total search volume of the keyword ranking.

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Average keyword ranking position. While the business or development team may not care or even know about SEO, they most likely know which pages of the website are performing the best or the most impactful. In my experience, it’s also important to show them other pages that work well organically and that they may not be aware of. Once they hear how well these pages with technical issues are doing, they will be very interested in prioritizing the fix to see how much better they can do without any issues. At the end of the day, your company cares about what impacts them the most.

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By providing data on the performance of these pages and communicating expectations about what can happen if technical issues are resolved, the queue magically opens and issues are resolved much faster than ever before. Commercial Continue reading below final thoughts In short, prioritizing technical issues can be done in a number of different ways. But without a strategy for it, the technical team will not know where to start and more and more problems will continue to arise. We can have the best content in the world optimized for all our relevant keywords. However, if we have technical issues on the site that prevent a user or search engine crawler from accessing our content, all to no avail.

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With the recent update to Google’s Core Web Vitals, they’ve put more emphasis than ever on user experience. This means we need to talk about page speed and updating our sitemap when we release new content. And the more we mention technical SEO with our web development teams, the more ingrained it becomes in their process. The best case scenario for prioritizing these issues is that we get a dedicated technical resource and can weed out a bunch of things that we’ve always wanted to do. Commercial Continue reading below In the worst case, we still have to submit tickets to the development team and get their approval in the queue.

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