The Importance of Support When Launching a Project

I’ve been giving support to new members in Quondos since 5:45 p.m. (for the rest of the day I’ve been out giving training). It is what touches in a start-up. South Africa WhatsApp Number List . Customers are the most important thing and it is your responsibility to make them satisfied. Image created by

100% is difficult to achieve and sometimes it does not depend on you, but here it is not enough to apply the Pareto Principle .

Support Cases Cannot Be Reduced to

Before launching Quondos today at 5:45 pm, Alex has been working with another Alex since the morning doing the last tests to ensure the correct functioning of the platform. South Africa WhatsApp Number List . The most important thing was the error-free sending of the accesses to all the people registered in Quondos.

In some cases, Paypal had not passed the information to our Codeeta form correctly, so there were people who did not appear on our list for generating accounts. Once the email was obtained, there were no problems in identifying the subscriptions. In this case we have had some incidents due to the poor Paypal callback .

Manage Support Channels During a Release

South Africa WhatsApp Number List
South Africa WhatsApp Number List

Twitter is one of the best channels to give an immediate response to questions and incidents from your customers. All the people signed up were already anxious for the whole day to access the contents of the platform. Alex kept answering emails. We had done a mailing in the morning to reduce the number of emails related to the exact time of opening and sending accesses.

When we launched the thing not much changed. The first cases of support arose because access had not arrived for the reasons mentioned. In all the pre-launch phases we had been able to verify that it is ideal to combine Twitter with email. South Africa WhatsApp Number List . Through a tweet, doubts could be answered in a much more agile way. In addition, Twitter allows group support if there are incidents that affect several people at the same time. Cases that require personal data must be dealt with by mail.

Resolved support case and customer feedback
Resolved support case and positive customer feedback via Twitter

The problem is not that incidents arise but that they are resolved as soon as possible. When the expectations are so high, small details can be enough to provoke a deep anger from your customers.

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