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A few months ago, I wrote about cosmopolitan in Logo Designs Service a letter. To cmi’s weekly newsletter (hey, don’t do it…For work). When looking at its media kit. I found that the cosmopolitan reaches more than 14 million women per month through. Print magazine and more than 50 million (including digital channels). About 60% of viewers. Read at least three-quarters of the content, and when they do, the average reading time. Is 75 minutes. Yes, you read that right… 75 minutes. Cosmo’s stated mission is: “Empower. Young women to be who they are, to be who they want to be, and we’re focused on. Propelling her into a fun, fearless future. No Logo Designs Service excuses, no [email protected]*%, no pity.” let’s take a moment to compare with one of the world’s largest companies, exxonmobil. Whose mission is: “Exxonmobil is committed to being the world’s leading oil and petrochemical.

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Excellence must be achieved. While adhering to the highest Logo Designs Service standards of business conduct.” notice the difference? Content business model cosmo is completely focused on the audience. Not a word about. What to sell to make money. Exxonmobil, on the other hand, has a clear mission to. Sell products. Oil…And a lot more. Good for them. joepulizzi says [email protected] ‘s mission. Is focused on its audience – that’s the #content business model. Click to Logo Designs Service tweet cosmo. Has made its content its business model. As robert rose points out in our forthcoming. Book killing marketing, “strategic use of content not only builds audiences and drives. Customer creation and retention, but also monetizes them .” sounds like a media Logo Designs Service company. Right? It should. Traditionally, cosmo’s monetization strategy has revolved around selling ads.

Logo Designs Service Has Many Flexible Options for Monetizing Its Content

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Cosmo’s model is similar. To this: build a loyal audience. Once Logo Designs Service we understand the deep-seated needs of that audience. And continue to provide them with value, and the audience (readers) become fans (subscribers). There are a number of ways to monetize this relationship. Cosmo does it, from books. To beauty packaging to local advertising to syndicated content to promotions. If the cosmo leaders are even semi-innovative, they’ll see how much they can sell directly to readers. (instead of just selling access to advertisers). When this happens, be Logo Designs Service careful! Robert. And I know many wonderful people who work at exxonmobil, but we don’t envy their work. Leveraging content with tasks that revolve around the product (rather than the customer). Can be very challenging for marketing professionals. Related content covered: content marketers.

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