The Figure of the Local Hero and What It Brings You to Reach the Target Audience: Case Study “Course for Bloggers” Murcia

Paco Viudes is a respected professional in the Spanish-speaking world of social networks and online marketing. He is from Murcia and a passionate fan of the local basketball club. If you have just heard his name for the first time, start following him on Twitter because he is a person who deserves your attention. I just collaborated with him for the “Course for bloggers” in Murcia. It was the third event after Madrid and Barcelona. We have managed to be a Trending Topic in Spain just like the last few times despite an unstable Wi-Fi connection in the room and problems with streaming during the first 2 hours.

Thanks to our partner at UCAM we have had access to a spectacular and extraordinary room (see post image) with probably around 700 attendees in person. I was very amused by Pau’s phrase mentioning that he is happy to finally see the church filled to the last seat.

What Is a Local Hero?

Paco is a local hero. Without him, the event would Argentina B2B List never have had the same impact and success. I love collaborating with people who just get things done without needing to have all the details to get around.

Respected Professional – A local hero has earned the respect and trust of the community through many years of hard work. They stand out in their field for knowledge, character and experience.
He has provided value without expecting anything in return : apart from having respect, he has also earned a certain admiration for his surroundings. To be considered a hero, he has added value by helping third parties without expecting anything in return.
Good person and likes : Paco said in his presentation that it is not the age of information but of people. I could not agree more. In the business world you have to be liked. We don’t feel like collaborating with people we don’t swallow. Enjoying and working are not two different concepts if you do it right.

What They Bring You in the World of Events or Businesses

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In larger cities like Barcelona or Madrid, it is always easier to reach the target audience at a reasonable cost. The local hero is an essential figure to carry out marketing actions in certain regions without having to spend thousands of euros on marketing campaigns.

1. They have an excellent network of contacts : especially at the regional level they have an extraordinary network of contacts. For any action you want to carry out locally, they can provide you with a solution in a matter of hours, days or weeks (depending on the degree of difficulty of the task).

2. They Endorse Your Brand and You Gain Trust

Having a local hero collaborate with you is like getting an endorsement. He recommends you and in some way takes responsibility in the event that you do not comply with what was agree . Since he already has the trust of his environment, it is the best possible recommendation to enter communities at the local or regional level.

3. Access to media in the region : despite moving in Internet times . The press (both online and offline) or local television can give you a much higher diffusion than any Internet campaign. There is no need to be deceives. Offline is still very powerful if you know how to take advantage of the right channels.

Collaborating with a local hero also means sharing in the success. If the result obtained multiplies the benefit for all by 3-5, it is totally logical to seek this path to carry out concrete actions. I was delightes to be lucky enough to have shared the “Course for bloggers” in Murcia with Paco. I hope to repeat on many more occasions.

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