The Fear of Criticizing Those We Know

In this world there is everything, of course. It goes without saying that especially on the internet, people who criticize are not in the minority. It’s not necessarily a troll. Do not confuse opposing opinions with the desire to annoy for pleasure.

Criticism is easy because we have the feeling of moving in an anonymous space where we are not affected by a possible emotional reaction from the other party, nor do we have to show our faces when we use words like a baseball bat. So far all clear.

Why Is There This Fear of Criticizing Those We Know?

Now things change when we have to criticize people who are not strangers.  Malta WhatsApp Number List . In this case things change completely. I mean your parents, siblings, partner, boss, co-workers, etc. I have now been in Spain for 5 years and by the luck of living in different countries I have noticed some differences when it comes to criticizing.

Fear of Offending : Let’s see. At first, no one takes criticism well, however constructive it may be. The difference is that some take hours or days to realize that it is justified or even never reach this point of understanding. Malta WhatsApp Number List . Those who understand it as an opportunity for improvement, in a matter of seconds change the chip. Cultural factor : in Spanish-speaking countries things are not said to the face. In this case Spain even has the most direct culture compared to other South American nations.

It shocked me at first because a German always gets to the point. Malta WhatsApp Number List .  If something is not going well, he tells you to your face and without being afraid of your reaction. The one who receives the criticism endures and tries to process it. The next day the relationship has improved because both understand the other’s point of view a little better.
Fear of being wrong : a criticism may be unjustified . Who says he’s right? Imagine that the other takes it badly and it also turns out later that I had the wrong point of view on the matter. No one wants to look like an idiot so they also swallow for fear of being wrong their criticism and do not express it.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Criticize

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Malta WhatsApp Number List

Giving constructive criticism is not the easiest task in the world. Obviously the way of being of each person are factors to take into account when presenting it. You have to overcome that fear.

1. You help improve the person : in the long run, pats on the back do more damage than slaps in the face. Malta WhatsApp Number List . Sometimes we need someone to tell us things as they are without making up anything. Obviously it hurts at first but it is a unique opportunity that allows the person receiving criticism to improve. Then it is up to each one whether or not they want to take advantage of the feedback received.

2. You improve communication : life is a constant management of expectations. Malta WhatsApp Number List . The more direct and to the point we go, the more effective we will be in our communication. There is no need to dwell on the matter. Say what you think. Always wanting to take care of other people’s feelings in the long run is a waste of time. You have to be careful but sooner or later you have to expose what you really think.

3. It allows you to have more empathy : criticizing in a constructive way gives us a unique opportunity. We can look inside the person’s head. Malta WhatsApp Number List . It is in these “vulnerable” moments that honest answers are often received. When you better understand how a person thinks, you also have the opportunity to adapt to their needs and way of being. A criticism never goes only in one direction. In most cases, a commitment is found that affects a change in behavior in all those affected.

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