I Trade Slaps in the Face for Pats on the Back

Well, let no one now feel motivated to run into me on the street and give me two hearty slaps on both cheeks with the excuse of having read this post. The least you have to do is at least warn me indicating some arguments for it before leaving a mark on my face.


When You Settle, Failure Will Catch Up With You Over Time

You know that feeling before having kids Austria Business Fax List of being in bed on a Sunday in winter? In the street it is cold mixed with rain and you are in your warm sheets and there is absolutely nothing at that moment that takes you out of there. Nobody blames you for it because that feeling is priceless.

Settling is not wanting to get out of that bed ever again. Why go out in the cold if I’m fine here? It is a good question to which everyone has to find an answer. I already have mine. Take a look at all the companies or people you admire. All of them have never settled for a status quo. They have always bet everything, risking at least their prestige in the business world.

The Slaps Are Not Pleasant but They Turn Your Gaze in the Right Direction.

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Austria Business Fax List

Pats on the back are like the bed you don’t want to get out of because it’s so warm. They are nice but they are of no use to you at all. It also makes you think that everything is going as planned. Plans never come out.

From time to time it is good for someone to remind you that you have to make an effort. Even or especially when things are going well. Criticism is not pleasant but necessary to be clear that life is not a Ponyh of (“pony farm”) as the Germans say. More than perceiving it as a slap in the face, you should consider it as a help to turn your gaze towards your improvement potential. Surround yourself with sincere people to receive this type of feedback . You should be thankful for that.

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