The Express Online Marketing Plan

It is a waste of time to make detailed plans of 20-40 pages about a future that we do not know. Those who frequently read this blog already know that I am not a friend of business plans for start-ups . I also don’t want to create the feeling that when you create a project the only thing you should do is improvise. Once you have your Internet project ready, it’s time to promote it. The fastest way to prepare your actions is to write an express online marketing plan. The vast majority of points can be applied identically to an offline business.

1. Understand and define your target audience : selling shoes is not the same as running shoes. You have to know and understand the needs of your potential customers. Who do you want and who can you sell? Define and document what is required to get the attention of your target audience. In the vast majority of cases it makes more sense to focus on a niche and not attack the entire market.

Is Your Market Small Enough?

2. Define your objectives and Suriname B2B List implement the metrics : how much do you want to sell in what period? Income doesn’t have to be the only goal you have. The important thing is that it is measurable. Increasing confidence may be another, but in that case, make sure you have the metrics that allow you to find out if you are on the right track or not.

3 recommendations to define metrics and KPIs

3. Identify places and the best timing : it is good to know who you are targeting and have well-defined measurable objectives. If you have no idea how and when to reach your target audience, you may have a problem. In the vast majority of marketing plans, the timing part is neglected despite its impact on the success of any campaign. When is the best time to launch? Find it out.

Why it makes sense to launch your online project in 2 or more phases

4. Create viral messages : the key is in the content you generate. These have to carry the message and the idea that you want to spread like a virus. For a user to have a reason to be a speaker of your campaign, you have to contribute something different that surprises and deserves to be told. What are the contents and details that will make you stand out from all the “noise” on the Internet?

10 Tips for Creating Content That Sells on Social Networks

Suriname B2B List
Suriname B2B List

5. Choose the platforms : the more the better is usually not a good idea. Each new platform can bring you new visitors but you sacrifice focus. The latter helps you over time to multiply the results obtained. Miracles do not exist and you have to work for it. If your resources are limited, focus on 1-2 social networks.

Criteria for choosing the right channels for your online marketing plan

6. Measure the results and adapt : ​​what is most difficult for us is having the discipline to know how we are doing. Many online businesses when they start do not even know their conversion rate. If you are part of them I assure you that you are not alone. To advance the only possibility you have is to know the progress. When things don’t work out, you have to change plans.

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