To Quote The Dutch Data Protection

That is where the risk of the current model lies. What happens to your data is diffuse. You usually have no idea. For a cookie notification from (for example) a news site, take a look at ‘third parties’ or ‘partners’ with whom your data is shared. Such as your click behavior and precise location. You will be amazed with how many games that is.

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What is the risk?

Oh well, innocent surfing on a news site or in an app Bahamas Phone Number that can’t hurt, can it? Yet your click behavior (with your interests), the times, location data, telephone or computer data say a lot about you. You fit into a profile to ‘target’.

Combine that with data that Bahamas Phone Number becomes accessible in a different way. To quote the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP): the number of data breaches rose “explosively” last year to almost 25,000 reports, a doubling compared to 2020. About 9% of those data breaches are the result of cyber attacks, the AP reports .

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Two months ago

The data breach of the GGD is still fresh in our minds . The personal, test and vaccination data and the outcome of source and contact research of 6.5 million Dutch people could be seen. Accessible to the 26,000 GGD employees. It turned out that data had been stolen and traded.

At the beginning of this year, a medical center from Eindhoven announced that confidential patient data had been leaked. , it turned out that hundreds of thousands of files with personal data of residents from two Gelderland municipalities were offered on the dark web after a data breach. And a well-known zoo was the victim of a ransomware attack in June that may have involved personal data.

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