The democratization Hungary Phone Number of mistrust is our greatest opportunity

Doesn’t it seem like attention gets a lot of attention?

Every day you see new strategies Hungary Phone Number to increase the attention we receive from our audience and buyers. You have “attention marketing,” a term describing a business model built around the hyper growth of social media. There’s the “attention economy,” which elevates the ability to capture attention as “one of the most important currencies of the 21st century.” And, of course, we’ve talked endlessly about paying attention to the CMI to build a business case for content marketing. Make no mistake; attention as a concept has our attention.

But you must move forward on your journey to optimize your business with a more important human emotion: trust.

If attention is in gold, trust is in bitcoin

As the saying goes, “Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest thing to lose.” And today, trust is in crisis. The annual Edelman Trust Barometer revealed this year:

(The) general population’s trust in Hungary Phone Number the four key institutions – business, government, NGOs and the media – has globally declined, a phenomenon unreported since Edelman began tracking this segment’s trust in 2012.

But you don’t need a research study to find out. You can feel it. It is an era of “fake news,” inefficient and corrupt institutions, cynical politics, duplicitous businesses, and even distrust of one another. Surprisingly, less than half of us think most people can be trusted.

While you may lament the decline in trust in our culture, as marketers you can’t ignore it. Developing a relationship of trust with your consumers is one of the most important things, if not the most important.

Be the trusted source

Hungary Phone Number
Hungary Phone Number

We’ve talked at length about how the power of content marketing to build your own subscribed audience gives you more efficient and effective access to your customers. And above all, we talk about the advantages of content marketing:

  • More effective ways to develop engaged leads
  • Discovery in a noisy market
  • Competitive Differentiator
  • Increased customer value

But what if one of your primary benefits of content marketing was to build “most trusted” status more broadly among your consumers? What if your brand could not only be the most trusted on a subject among the competition, but also the most trusted brand?

Historically, we’ve looked at reputable media publishers in our space and proclaimed, “Well, there’s no way to compete with this magazine, or this nonprofit, or this association or this government institution.


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