The Danger of Exceptions

Today would have been the perfect day not to leave this post scheduled. I have less than 1 hour to write and get everything ready so you can read it at 00.01. Between the wedding this afternoon, work, family and wanting to do some sport, the day has gone by.

You Can Change Priorities but Never Make Excuses

Excuses are poison to The Bahamas B2B List succeed in life. They are equivalent to looking for a reason why you are not capable of achieving what you set out to do in life. You can search all you want. There is nothing stopping you. You are the main person responsible for all your dreams to come true.

Success is not equivalent to making a lot of money or running marathons. It is finding happiness. When you have understood this your priorities can change. Nothing happens. In fact, making decisions and changing plans is the only way to maintain a positive state of mind, although this means that you have to suffer in the change phase.

Sooner or Later the Exceptions Become the Rule

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This post will not change anyone’s life. Me neither, although a little yes. When I have finished it, I will be proud of having achieved another day the challenge of the daily post. It’s not complicated, it’s just doing it.

When you break a rule once, you have no reason not to do it again. The one who has quit smoking and then allows himself a reward by saying “only 1 cigarette” because he has not smoked for 6 months, he returns to being a smoker in 99% of cases.

Constancy is a bit like doing a favor. It does not have the same value when it is easy to comply with. No one is going to pat you on the back for cleaning your teeth every day. No one has said that being happy is easy and doesn’t cost work. If you’re not, it’s because you don’t want to.

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