The Danger of Publishing an Advertorial on Your Blog

You realize that your blog is leaving behind the anonymity phase where only your partner, your mother and 2 or 3 friends read you, when the first advertisers start knocking on your door. Now many realize that they have in their hands a potential source of income even if at first it was not a reason to start.

Among the first questions arises the issue of how much to charge the advertiser. In other cases you simply receive an offer that you can accept or reject. At the moment, bloggers are receiving more and more proposals to publish advertorials.

What Is an Advertorial (Sponsored Post) and What Different Types Are There?

An advertorial or sponsored post is an article that Latvia B2B List directly or indirectly promotes a product, service or company. They are publishe both in digital media and in blogs. The web support usually receives a remuneration in exchange for the publication of the sponsored post. There are 3 types of advertorials:

Marked advertorial – Some sponsoreds posts are marke as such at the beginning of the article to make the reader aware that this is a paid post. This is typically done by adding the text “post sponsores by…” or “advertorial by…”.
Hidden Advertorial – “Hidden” is not really an official term but it is the best way to describe what is observe in practice. Many advertisers are not interestes in being marke as advertising to make it look like a real recommendation. Risks to Consider When Publishing an Advertorial

Receiving income for something that starte from pure pleasure is like a dream came true for many. Since it is a completely new and unknown terrain there is also the risk of making some mistakes that in the worst case can kill the blog.

1. Impartiality of the blogger : especially in the early days of blogging, it was frowned upon for a blogger to take money in exchange for advertising from an advertiser. Times have change and you can have ads on the page without losing impartiality. The problem arises when the advertorials are not marke as such and in the writing style it is note that the content create is solely for the purpose of promoting a company in exchange for receiving remuneration for it.

2. Legal Problems :

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If you  caught publishing an advertisement in the form of an article without marking it as such . You can get a large fine that can exce by a factor of 100 what you charge for it. Many advertisers insist on removing the sponsored entry without marking . It so that you can get more out of it. Even in some cases being aware that the support could have a legal problem if they give in to your request.

3. Duplicate content: on many occasions an advertorial is not only publishes on one website. Advertisers can contract through platforms, agencies or directly several supports at the same time to take out sponsored posts on their blogs. In this case you can unknowingly harm yourself because you are publishing duplicate content running the risk of receiving a penalty for it. With an entry that has already been publishes on another website. The probability of a worse positioning arising as a result is still relatively low. But things change if advertorials are frequently publishes on a website or blog.

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