The Conversion Process From Visit to Client in a Blog

I am preparing my workshop for the WeberyDay that is celebrated today in Valencia. Tomorrow at 9:00 am I will talk about how to get clients with a blog. If you can’t sleep because it’s past midnight and you don’t want to wait until tomorrow, I’ll give you a preview of what I’m going to deal with tomorrow.

A blog is a good channel for attracting customers. Few manage to get the most out of it because they are stuck in the old conversion process to get customers.

The Old Conversion Process

Let’s start with the old conversion process of any type of business. Russia WhatsApp Number List . In this case, we do not care if it is online or offline. To get sales, the important thing was to generate traffic in some way. Let’s break down the different steps:

1. Being close to the target audience : Well, you achieved this by setting up your business on a street where thousands of people passed by every day. Russia WhatsApp Number List . The more they spent the better because it increased your probability of getting more income. Your goal in the first step of the “sales funnel” was to shorten the distance between you and your customers.

2. Get attention : This could be achieved in different ways. As the owner of a traditional business, you put a nice decoration on your shop window. A megaphone could also do the trick. The important thing was to shout and/or stand out more than the competition so that the attention was focused on you.

3. Product or service at a good price : price is undoubtedly an important factor in positively influencing consumer decision-making. Before, it was enough to have an acceptable product or service with an attractive price to generate income. The differentiation in the cost of acquisition was more relevant than today because it still served to retain part of the customers.

The new conversion process with the help of a blog
The old process worked in most cases due to the lack of alternatives on offer. I have simplified a lot and I do not want to take away in any way the merit that setting up a successful business had both before and today.

Having a Blog to Attract Customers Is Only One Way

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Russia WhatsApp Number List

1. Generate visits to the blog : you don’t have to be obsessed with visits , but they are the first step to attracting clients. Russia WhatsApp Number List . Through the generation of quality content you have to attract users to visit your blog. To know the “how”, the most important thing is to start publishing posts as soon as possible, even if at first you may not be 100% satisfied with your result. If you don’t practice, you don’t improve.

2. Getting Readers – There is an important difference between getting views and getting readers. The main one is that it is a returning reader and a user who comes to your blog for the first time will probably never return if you do not take care of some details. Russia WhatsApp Number List . What matters is generating recurrence. You get that only through perseverance and the creation of positive expectations about your future entries. The key is in attracting subscribers to the blog .

3. Earn Trust – Having someone subscribe to your blog is not enough to earn their trust. This process is much slower. There is no plan for a person to trust you. It is a matter of being humble, honest and admitting one’s mistakes. Not the one who pretends to be perfect who achieves it, but precisely those who admit his weaknesses. Confidence I have with someone in whom I can see myself reflected.

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