The Content Morocco Phone Number Marketer’s Guide to Story Structure

Content is everywhere, most is free Morocco Phone Number and most. Also, is entirely buried by other content. As content marketers, we fight and fight to be heard.

Meanwhile, author James. Also, Patterson earned $95 million in 2016.

Let it sink in. James Patterson. Also, gets paid $95 million a year to produce content. People pay to read its content. Content that, directly inside the cover, states “This is a work of fiction.”

If you’ve never thought of this concept. Also, before – that people will pay a lot of money for good storytelling – then I hope you do now.

Top-selling fiction writers know this

It’s something you need to Morocco Phone Number know too if you want to be heard.

We talk a lot about storytelling in this industry. But what do we really know about this?

You’ve probably heard “human brains are wired” to remember stories; storytelling is an “ancient art”; and “brand narratives” resonate with audiences.

And all of this is true. But is it enough?

If you’ve studied this, you’ve probably learned something a little more fundamental about stories – they convey meaning through change.

And you know what? This understanding is still not enough.

Humans can be wired to tell, transmit and remember stories. But we’re not all wired to tell the kind of stories people can’t tell.

That’s why I think every content marketer needs to learn how authors structure their stories. People pay money to spend hours reading their books. Let’s see why.

The structure in 3 acts

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Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. These are basic things. It’s not the secret sauce I’ll talk about later. Still, not just any beginning, middle, and end will hold someone’s interest or make an impact. And, to understand the secret sauce, you have to understand the main course.

Let’s separate this structure into three parts.

Do you know where many content marketers fail in their storytelling? At the beginning. To be frank, most content marketers barely write a start.
Of course, I don’t mean that their stories don’t begin. What I mean is that stories don’t start with a full beginning – a beginning that lays the groundwork for the story.

At the beginning of a work of fiction, readers expect the author to.



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