How to create a company and close it – the complete life cycle of a start-up

If you are about to create a start-up, there is a high probability that you will have to close it one day. I do not say it, the statistics say. Now you might think that the decision to close Coguan has turned me into a pessimist who sees everything black. It is rather the opposite. The comments have given me an impressive shot of energy. Now I have to rather restrain myself from getting into too many stories at the same time.

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1 Pursue your dream but be prepared for anything and act with your head
2 No one shows you the darker sides of setting up a start-up
3 I will publish a book that tells you the story from beginning to end

Pursue Your Dream but Be Prepared for Anything and Act With Your Head

My message is not that you do not chase your Bangladesh B2B List dreams but I say that you do it with your head. This message has never changed because in the last 5 years I have suffered too much to stop you from seeing the world of start-ups only with pink glasses.

You already know that you are not a figure and despite everything you have the obligation to find your way to be happy. It doesn’t matter if one day I set up a company that is capable of creating many jobs, providing financial security for all those involved or not. That is not my definition of success because thanks to my family I already have it. What he would be looking for would be recognition for the achievement of having achieved it. I am weak and a human being so I do not hide from you that I would like to get to that point one day. My happiness will not depend on it.

No One Shows You the Darker Sides of Starting a Start-up

When you launch a start-up you are like on your honeymoon. It’s funny that I say this because because of having a company, after being marrie for almost a year, I still haven’t had one. What is not taken into account is that not everything is beautiful in the process and that things can end badly. Nobody likes to think about the end from the beginning. It is ugly to make a marriage contract when you think about getting married, but doing so frees you from possible problems.

No one tells you the dark side of setting up a start-up. They do not explain to you how a worker is fired correctly. What are the steps to follow if a supplier does not pay you? What do you have to take into account if you are the one who cannot assume the payment of your bills? You have to know your obligations under the law when you launch a high-risk company. I’m going through the whole cycle of setting up a start-up. I am in the closing phase.

I Will Publish a Book That Tells You the Story From Beginning to End

Bangladesh B2B List
Bangladesh B2B List

I plan to publish a book that takes you by the hand from the first day you draw the first Powerpoint presentation with your idea to present it to an investor until the moment where you are still force to make the hard decision that it makes no sense to move forward.

It will not be a book to take away the desire to set up a company. What I intend is to prepare you and not be surprise by anything (or little), no matter what happens. Obviously it will be full of Coguan anecdotes and topics that I haven’t been able to touch until now.

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