The Challenge of Managing a Community and Ideas to Achieve It

Many have laughed at Community Managers . Italy WhatsApp Number List . It is true that the subject is completely saturated, just like the market for said job. Before making fun of those who manage blogs, forums and social networks, you still put yourself in their shoes to experience first-hand what they do on a daily basis.

Why Managing a Community Is So Difficult: Case Study Quondam

I am lucky, along with Alex Navarro from , to be in the process of creating a community around Quondam. Italy WhatsApp Number List In 1 month and a half we have grown to 600 people who have the feeling of being more than customers . In a very short time, a very strong bond has been created between the people who are part of this adventure.

We have opted for a system of total transparency where the voice of each one has a lot of weight. In this initial phase . Italy WhatsApp Number List .Alex and I are the Community Managers who respond to all messages. Between emails, comments on videos, posts and the forum, we gave 2,284 responses during the first month . None of us expected such success, so we were totally unprepared to manage so much communication at once. I have covered many of the topics in this blog based on my previous experience with Coguan. The difference is that the following points were managed with support and customer service teams of up to 8 people.

Needs Are Different : Needs Are Like People.

We are different by education, character and experience so what is worth to one is not what the next one is looking for. The perception is different : I like mushrooms but my wife can’t even see them. Taste is a form of perception that varies from person to person. Italy WhatsApp Number List .What goes slow for one goes too fast for the other. The level of demand varies : directly related is the level of demand. If you perceive that the service is expensive, you are going to demand more from them than if you think it is very cheap. Depending on your perception of price, expectations and experience, the level of demand can vary a lot.

How to Solve the Challenge to Manage a Community Well

What someone values ​​positively could be given a negative note by another individual. The fact that you are going to receive 10 different answers if you ask 10 people should not discourage you when it comes to managing a community. Italy WhatsApp Number List . You have to assume that 100% satisfaction 100% of the time does not exist. The improvements are obtained according to my experience following 3 simple steps.

1. Responding to Criticism – It’s probably the most painful in the beginning when you see someone criticize your project. Italy WhatsApp Number List . At first you always feel like defending yourself instead of listening. The most important thing is to respond. You have to say thank you for receiving criticism because it means that your community cares and is interested in things getting better. Although at first a criticism may sound very direct and strong, it tends to soften in most cases when you respond transparently and honestly to it. This also means highlighting things that are not going well without trying to cover them up.

2. Get More Data
Italy WhatsApp Number List
Italy WhatsApp Number List

Never generalize. Both a positive and negative comment can never give you a real insight into the situation. Italy WhatsApp Number List . Without having more data it can always be punctual opinions. This does not mean that you should not take it seriously but that you have to investigate in more depth. One way to do this is a satisfaction survey among your users. In this way you also get to hear the voices of those who do not give you feedback proactively because perhaps they are more shy or have to be activated in another way.

3. Make improvements : obtaining data and responding to criticism is very good, but if you do not react and carry out improvement actions, all this work is useless. Italy WhatsApp Number List . In the end, your community will think that you don’t take the feedback they are giving you seriously. You have to react in a short period of time so you’d better get your act together if you find yourself in this situation. You have to understand that this whole process is a continuous circle. Despite all the improvements that you implement, criticism will always arise and that is good. It allows you to continuously improve by creating a product that fits what your users are looking for.

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