Apply the 1-2-3 Rule to Attract Visitors and Reduce the Bounce Rate on a Post

Although there are formulas for only a few things in life, it is what we look for the most when we start in a subject where we are beginners and that we do not master so well yet.  Formula to design postsFotolia photo rights You have to take into account usability to achieve a low bounce rate. The best posts in the world do not receive the attention they deserve because they do not take into account some essential points. In the vast majority of my posts. I usually apply a 1-2-3 rule, which in my case is a kind of formula that gives me good results.  Create a title that attracts attention and attracts visits This point is drawer. If you don’t attract attention, creating curiosity you will never get the attention of a visitor.

1 – Create a Title That Attracts Attention and Attracts Visits

The decision to click or not on a link in a search result, a Twitter tweet, a Facebook update, a call to action in an email, etc. Argentina WhatsApp Number List it is based almost exclusively on the force of attraction generated by the title. That is why for me a good post begins with a good headline. Without it I don’t start writing because it is a key piece for the article to be successful. The anatomy of the perfect title in a post 2 – Separate the content into 2 paragraphs If you look. It’s what I usually do in 80% of my posts. There are some exceptions where I do a split into more parts. For a “standard” post. It is my most popular structure because it is the one that usually gives me the best results.  If with this you manage to convey the main message, he will stay longer to read the entry in detail.

2 – Separate the Content Into 2 Paragraphs

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3 – Use 3 points for lists in paragraphs Whenever the type of post allows it, I improve a quick reading through a quick division in 3 points. In the first paragraph I simply use the famous bullet points . The ideal figure is 3. With 2 points it makes no sense to make a list and with many more points the effect of better usability in the structure is lost. In the second paragraph I put a minimum of 3 points that explain the “how” to put it into practice. Blogs are no longer read, they are scanned There are many possibilities to shape an article. The 1-2-3 rule applied to the structuring and design of the post has served me in the past to better organize the ideas of an entry and also make it more “digestible” for the reader.

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