The borders between art and visitor are blurred in ‘Borderless’

The first digital museum in the world has opened in tokyo in which. The visitor is part of the works themselves the line between art and visitor is becoming increasingly blurred at tokyos mori building. Digital art museum, billed as the worlds first digital museum. Here the limitations vanish and the windows and lines that usually mark the distance. At which we can approach a work of art are conspicuous by their absence. Unlike in any ordinary museum, this gallery treasures works that know no boundaries and go. Beyond the limits between one room and another, communicating with each other and interacting with the viewer.


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Mori building digital art museum teamlab borderless photo background removing is a set of digital works that spans 10,000 square meters of labyrinthine spaces, inviting the visitor to experience art in an unusual way. The works transform and mutate in the presence of the human body, establishing a personal relationship with. The visitor, who can thus see how the borders of art are much more flexible than we think. The boundaries between art and visitor blur in borderless 1 universe of water particles on a rock where people gather the borderless digital art exhibition is the result of a collaboration between mori building and teamlab, two institutions that work hand in hand to bring art to cities and bring it closer to people and thus create a committed and creative society .

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Teamlab is an art collective formed by a group BVD Directory of ultratechnologists in which disciplines such as engineering, programming, architecture, mathematics or programming converge, working in the same direction, always in pursuit of art. The borders between art and visitor are blurred in borderless 4 red people in the blue. The visitor to borderless is immersed in a sensory experience that embraces them with light effects, virtual reality and mapping. Effects connected to touch and movement sensors. This is the way in which the exhibition goes from being a show that we can attend in wonder to becoming a unique. Experience of which the viewer is a part, blurring the border between art and person. It is then when, finally, the name of the exhibition takes on its full meaning borderless without borders.

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