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View with ratings, price, and availability. If that’s not a way to increase conversions, then I dunno what is ;-). Screenshot showing ratings on a Google search result Romania Phone Number Badges are also available for recipes, showing ingredients, cooking time, and servings. Screenshot Romania Phone Number showing a recipe on  You can over-optimize anything, including images. Things not to do involve keyword-stuffing the alt text, filename, captions, or image URL path.[*] Screenshot showing what

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Good alt texts How do you know when too much is too much? Anything that goes beyond describing what the image shows and enriching the context is too much. In the Romania Phone Number example above, you see that the alt text is stuffed with related keywords and variations. That’s neither helpful for users nor search engines. Adding specific information, like in this case “Dalmatian puppy playing fetch” instead of “puppy”, or product model, brand, and size is absolutely okay.

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Three image formats have become more important in recent years: GIF, PNG, and JPEG. GIF is the only universal choice for animations. It’s such a “simple” format Romania Phone Number because it’s limited to 256 colors. To preserve fine detail with high resolutions, use PNG. Compared Romania Phone Number  to JPEG, it’s a lossless compression and is designed for browsers. For photos, screenshots, or similar images, use JPEG. JPEG applies lossy compression to images, which is usually not a problem for the internet. So, whenever you need

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