The best response when they want to harm you is your actions

Breath deeply. It doesn’t matter how unfair they just were to you. Life is so. Not everyone wants to be your friend and there are even many out there who have a good time annoying third parties and also have a lot of time available for it. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List . Acts are worth more than words Fotolia photo rights Don’t waste time with plans for your revenge The Anglo-Saxons say “Don’t get pissed off” . And it’s just what you should do too. If you want, you can make some revenge plans for 5 minutes if it makes you feel better but don’t waste any more time with it and above all don’t carry them out. Better yet: smile and say thank you if they give birth to you .

Don’t waste time with plans for your revenge

It’s probably what’s going to create the most confusion for the person who’s looking to annoy you to entertain themselves with your pissed off reaction. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List In the end, the only thing the rematch shows is that it won’t be long before you bring out your dark side. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List . In the end, what a third party sees is the last action without knowing the context. You run the risk of making yourself worse off than the attacker by reversing the roles of victim and aggressor from the point of view of the viewer who has just started watching the show. The best answer is not to give a (direct) answer The good news is that you can respond with every breath you take.

The best answer is not to give a answer

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List
Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

It is your actions that define who is right and who only knows how to blurt out phrases without meaning. Apply the +1 in your life , but not to show the world that you are the possessor of the truth, but simply that you act in good faith. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List .Time is too valuable to invest negative energy to combat those who cross your path with the aim of harming you. The worst thing for them is ignorance because you imply that they do not deserve your attention. The words that seek to sink you do not affect you because you know who you are and what you do. Take advantage of every day to give your answer. It’s what you do, not what you say that counts.

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