The Art of El Salvador Phone Number the Cart: How Retail Brands Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Do you remember where you were on July 11, 2017 – a seemingly random Tuesday in the middle of summer?

If I had to take a guess, I’d say there’s a good. Also, chance you’ve spent at least part of your day enjoying the one-day shopping El Salvador Phone Number extravaganza of retail giant . Also, Amazon, Prime. Day. According to Amazon, it was the company’s biggest sales day in its history, with. Also, tens of millions of customers shopping in almost every retail category imaginable. To put that into perspective, Amazon sold more items on Prime Day than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – combined. That’s a lot of caddies to call!

As the world’s third-largest retailer, Amazon. Also, has grown to the point that its inventory practically sells itself. But the brand also offers a range of branded content products and technologies that it has developed to (literally) speak for itself.

Controlling marketing costs is essential

With the ever-increasing El Salvador Phone Number cost of goods, profit. Also, margins in this industry can be slim, which means retail brands need to be very strategic with their. Also, marketing budget and content team resources.

Complicating the situation are shorter retail sales cycles and lower customer lifetime values ​​than high consideration purchases like automobiles. Also, or technology solutions. This can make it harder for marketers in this segment to gain the necessary buy-in for the kind of long-term commitment required for successful content marketing.

Fortunately, the overall profitability of . Also, content marketing makes it a highly accessible technique for retail brands at all budget levels. Casandra Campbell, head of content marketing at Shopify and editor of the Shopify e-commerce blog, points out that content marketing can even help retail brands reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) and create more sustainable businesses. 

The competition is getting tighter

El Salvador Phone Number
El Salvador Phone Number

Speaking of competition, retail is one of the. Also, fastest growing verticals in the industry, with new companies constantly entering (and exiting) the market and plenty of disruptors looking to completely change the game. Consider how crowdfunding services like Kickstarter have reshaped the way retail products are brought to market or how explosive the subscription commerce category has become in recent years. A Hitwise study found that “sub-box” sites received 21.4 million visits in January 2016 alone, a growth rate of 3,000% in three years. To put this into perspective, the Hitwise study reported that visits to its top 500 online retail sites




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