The Art of Generating Suspense and Illusion

Thanks to #cursobloggers , Webery Day and Quondos I am learning about marketing as in all previous years together. It is not about revolutionary matters at all. It is precisely for this reason that they are often neglected in the vast majority of cases.

Common Sense Certainly Helps

Sometimes it is uncomfortable to apply so Grenada B2B List we prefer to ignore it. Being an industrial engineer with a more technical and logical background, I am now realizing the power that marketing has for the success of a project. I would highlight some of the following points that have been of fundamental importance for the initiatives mentioned.

1. Do not say everything from the beginning : if you do something, do not immediately say what it is about. Create a bit of suspense. Play interesting. Find the way how people talked about you. The German energy company EON posted red billboards for weeks that had no logo or other indication. They were just red. This made everyone start talking about the action being curious who could be behind it. Leave a margin of interpretation that allows opinion and interpretation.

2. Take great care of the details : everyone knows that details matter but until now I have not been aware of the impact that the smallest things can have. What is sometimes categorizes as “bah, that’s a detail” makes the difference in a successful project and those that die at launch. In the case of Quondos one of the most important details is the image of Alex and I as devil and angel. It’s amazing how many people gave me this feedback when I thought it was just going to be a funny thing anyway.

3. Launches with force : It is not the first time that I say that you have to launch in phases. I am amazed at the difference that the fact of playing a lot with the fact of dates or not has. In the case of Webery Day, there were already more than 100 people waiting before ticket sales opened. That in the first 60 minutes you already sell so many tickets that cover 50% of your costs is exciting and motivating. The model of this payment format must continue to be adjusted, but it is undoubtedly much more fun for both the attendee and the organizers.

4. Fast communication : despite all the stress, you have to respond very quickly to the doubts of your customers and potential users. If you are too late, the initial illusion can easily turn into disappointment. The more emotions rise, the more they can fall so you have to be agile. In the best of cases, you are proactive in anticipating possible complaints that may arise. When you move fast it is normal that not everything goes 100% but the important thing is to know how to fix it and propose solutions.

5. A Product That Generates Happiness :

Grenada B2B Contact List
Grenada B2B Contact List

To generate illusion you need a product or service that causes it. In the case of the new iPhone, it is easy to generate happiness for Apple fans. If your service is training, the issue can be even more complicated. A detail that generates happiness is adding an entertaining element to your product or service. In the #coursebloggers, sometimes the speakers who receive the most positive tweets are not necessarily . Those who transmit the most practical knowledge, but rather those who best entertain the attendees. A trainer who excels in both fields must be a kind of Superman in this sector.

If you try to replicate the advice that I just presented to you . It is very likely that you will not have the same results. Keep in mind that each market, each project and each person is different. It has helped me a lot to learn from third parties and copy only a small element putting it in a new context. Just a few points serve as inspiration.

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