The Art of Avoiding Work

The art of avoiding work is actually more the art of completing tasks. From the moment you start working on your own, your mountain of tasks grows. It also seems to have the Hydra effect since with each one you finish, 2 new ones come out.

Learn to Say “No”

Over time you learn to optimize Russia B2B List your time or rather prioritize tasks to get ahead. When we started Coguan, I booked a 7-hour round trip to Barcelona to go to a networking event for entrepreneurs. Yesterday I turned down an interview on the radio to save myself a trip to Madrid (1 hour round trip) although in the end it came out and was done over the phone.

The hardest part is learning to say “no” correctly . You want everyone to like you and you are afraid that rejecting a proposal, collaboration or whatever will create the opposite effect. It assumes that you can’t please everyone all the time so it’s not worth the effort to make that the case. Even those who are close to you have to learn that everything has its limits and you will not always be able to do everything that is asked of you.

Time Is Worth Gold and You Have to Treat

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Your time is the most valuable thing. With difference. You notice it when you want to do different projects at the same time well knowing that it is too much. If despite this you want to move forward to turn an idea into reality or you start to prioritize well and stop doing tasks that do not add value or you end up in the hospital with a burnout syndrome . I have learned over time to organize myself better even though I am far from making optimal use of my time:

Make use of task tools : something as simple as using a tool to complete tasks like Toodledo has already helped me (thanks for the recommendation Berto ) to prioritize my tasks in a structured way.
Implement routines : one of them is writing 1-2 posts a day. Another is to start and end the day with organization of tasks. In this way they are less lost in sight and you focus on those that really matter.
Avoid face-to-face meetings : I’d rather say “no” to a meeting 100 times and miss 1 or 2 opportunities than do them all. Before, I was crazy to meet in person with clients. Nowadays I think about it a lot before investing 1 hour between round trip.

Do Not Start Several Tasks at the Same Time :

It is one of the best “tricks” to not finish any of them. Especially when there are tasks that we do not like, we easily fall into this trap.
Read the latest emails first : in many cases the passage of time is enough for there to be work that no longer needs to be done. I have realized that the vast majority of people read the oldest emails and thus spend time on tasks that are no longer necessary.
There are many more ways to better save time. The 5 presented are those that have helped me the most in my personal case.

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