The Art of Adding Value to an Offer Without Increasing the Cost

Currently what I am experiencing with Webery Day is generating content for me to write a book. Yesterday I was talking with my partner Amel about the fact that we had more than 1,000 visits in one day and only 1 new ticket sales for the Social Media event on June 8 in Madrid .

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The conversion ratio obtained is 0.1%, which is quite poor data. A more reasonable figure would have been between 0.5-2%.

Obviously we were going around the subject to better understand what was happening. Ukraine WhatsApp Number List For this we had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from several interested people but who ultimately decided not to attend. The result was something we already sensed. Few people want to pay more than 50 euros to an event. I wouldn’t either. The problem is that Webery Day is training but the perception of the offer is different.

1. Positioning of the product or service : training that costs 8 euros/hour is not expensive. For this, your target audience has to understand that it is a workshop and not an event. The positioning of a product or service is key to adding value. We are tired of presentations but for quality training we are willing to pay the price it deserves.

2. Collaborate With Partners That Add Value

Ukraine WhatsApp Number List
Ukraine WhatsApp Number List

To give more credibility to the training aspect, we managed to collaborate with NTIC Master who will certify the attendance of the participants . Ukraine WhatsApp Number List . In this way not only take advantage of the face-to-face workshop but also of being able to include it in the curriculum.

3. Add other existing products : Amel and I decided to add more value to the course by including paid videos of ours ( “7 keys for Bloggers” and “How to create a Social Media Plan” ). They have a total price of 58 euros. It doesn’t cost us money but the person who hires the “pack” receives more value.

4. Limit access to your product or service – I already talked about exclusivity and value in marketing . Capping is the easiest way to add more perceived value to an offer. In our case we do not take advantage of the fact that we do not have unlimited capacity. Mentioning it now is a bit late but if you apply it from the beginning it is a good practice to improve the perception of exclusivity.

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