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Countless studies show that the public will then Oman Phone Number read, analyze and process a slide and can no longer listen to your story. Adding extra slides is free, so don’t skimp on them. Also read: This is how you score with a Oman Phone Number convincing PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote Post-its as a tool Before you start making slides, post-its are a handy tool. Write out all the ingredients that you want to use in the presentation on the various post-its and first check the order to see if it makes Oman Phone Number sense. Kill your darlings; really try to focus on your core message and not 40 other topics and sub-messages.

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TED Talks are a maximum of 18 minutes Oman Phone Number long, because according to neuroscientists, this is the maximum length that the brain can listen intently and process the story. So think carefully about what you Oman Phone Number have to tell live and what you can also send in advance or afterwards as a PDF file. There is no perfect number of slides. I’ve seen brilliant half hour presentations with 1 slide and impressive 5 minute pitches with 30 slides. After creating your slides, check whether Oman Phone Number each slide is necessary and in line with the story you are going to tell. I always ask someone in my environment for feedback, by using Loom .

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With this you can easily record a Oman Phone Number presentation and send it as an online video to a colleague, friend or family member. Relaxed with the text Try not to use the PowerPoint as a teleprompter by pasting and Oman Phone Number reading text on it. It comes unprepared. And here too it ensures that the attention of the audience shifts from the story you told to the slides. According to studies , simply reading text on slides by a speaker to the audience is also an indication that the speaker Oman Phone Number has not prepare (properly). Make slides that reinforce your words, not repeat them. – Seth Godin Also, it certainly deserves attention to look at the font, if you use text on slides.


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