The 7 Deadly Sins of the Beginner Blogger

Beginnings always cost. I am the first to raise my hand confessing that in the beginning I “sinned” the same or more than the bloggers who start today. It is not easy to know what to focus on, so the initial illusion can generate a lot of dispersion. It has not been easy to choose the 7 main errors so in the end it is as always a very subjective selection. You can still identify with any of them.

1. Copy third-party content : a blogger is not very happy if their content is copied without prior authorization. Many beginners make the mistake that they can do the hard work of creating content by copying third-party posts. Another basic mistake is to take Google photos due to ignorance that they are copyrighted. If you want to do things correctly, you should ask for permission every time you use third-party content.

How to Copy Third-party Content Correctly

2. Become obsessed with SEO : when you Palau B2B List start reading forums and posts about the world of blogs, you can’t help but become obsessed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web positioning is more important when you already have a level of visits between 500-1,000 visits or higher. If you use a WordPress blog, you can rest assured that it already takes into account the most important key factors to position well in Google.

What you should not waste your time with in your first year as a blogger

3. Don’t focus on a specific niche – A blog that covers a wide variety of different topics goes nowhere. People who read blogs are supposed to seek information from specialists. To obtain information and news that are not related to a specific theme, they already have digital media.

How to Differentiate Your Blog From the Competition and Stand Out as a Blogger

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4. Ask to register to comment : comments reflect life in a blog. The process must be simplified for the user. To protect yourself from spam you can opt for systems that require prior registration. In this case, you are requiring the reader to make an additional effort that in most cases they will not make. It is worth deleting some spam comments to get change for real ones.

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