The 4 Pillars of Online Marketing if You Have a Salable Product

Online and offline marketing are not that different. The 4 pillars that are valid for the digital world also fit with small modifications for everything that comes out of the screen of the laptop, mobile or computer. We are not 2 separate worlds given that thanks to social networks everything that has an impact in the real world has an immediate echo on the internet.

Your product does not always have to be technically superior to the competition. It has to be good enough and meet the basic demands of the customer. The best offer does not always win, but the one that manages to implant itself better in the head of its target audience. Even if you have a salable product, it is not enough to obtain sales if you do not take into account the 4 pillars of online marketing.

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1 1. Trust: a client who trusts you will not only look at the price
2 2. Happiness: you are interested in your target audience associating you with moments of happiness
3 3. Surprise: exceed expectations and solve problems immediately
4 4. Visibility: if you are not on the internet, you do not exist

1. Trust: a Client Who Trusts You Will Not Only Look at the Price

Trust is the foundation of all life. The Mozambique B2B List rules do not change when it comes to selling products and services. Offering a competitive price can be a short-term strategy to increase sales by sacrificing margin. The type of client you attract is not the one that really interests you, since if another company makes a better offer, they turn their backs on you without giving it much thought. Betting on content marketing is a way to establish a base of trust so that in the medium and long term they buy from you without having to sell.

What gives you confidence when selling and how to get it

2. Happiness: you are interested in your target audience associating you with moments of happiness
One of the companies that has understood this marketing concept is the Coca Cola company. Instead of selling a drink with a strange dark color and too much sugar, they sell happiness. The messages and images of your ads stand out from the rest for the positive emotions they convey. In every big event the brand is present. After “ok” is the second most popular word in the world. Happiness is what makes your target audience implanted in their heads.

Marketing of Happiness or How to Reach the Hearts of Your Customers

Mozambique Business Email List
Mozambique Business Email List

3. Surprise: exceed expectations and solve problems immediately
In many industries, customer service is so improvable that a customer assumes the worst when they encounter a problem. You do not trust a quick resolution of the incident. In many cases you can already pleasantly surprise by solving an issue immediately. Among the options you give the customer should also include the return of the money. Few are going to ask for it but you generate a positive and unexpected impact. You shouldn’t wait until a customer complains to surprise them. To capture the attention of your target audience you can also make use of guerrilla marketing on web 2.0 with actions that surprise and that we want to talk about

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