The 4 Phases of Communication That You Have to Master to Be Successful in Your Business

Respond or not to this email that comes to you at the last minute? According to my brief experience in the communication field, the answer is “yes”. It’s amazing to see the positive impact an email can have on your existing and potential customers.

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Prompt communication that exceeds Dominica B2B List expectations is an essential factor in building a successful business.

1. Communication before launching a business : the key is to generate expectations to achieve an impactful launch. As some of the comments on yesterday’s post indicate, there is always a risk of disappointment after creating high expectations with an aggressive marketing campaign.

2. Support and communication after opening : from the moment you take money from people, you have to give top priority to communication. An email that arrives late can be enough to unsubscribe and start talking negatively about without having a real experience with your product or service.

3. Proactivity to avoid problems : if you wonder if someone will take badly certain aspects that have to do with the sale, functionality, marketing, etc. related to your company the answer is yes in 99% of cases. Before receiving the first complaints, be proactive by offering a solution before the complaint arises.

4. Don’t Hide When You’ve “screwed Up” :

Dominica B2B List
Dominica B2B List

You don’t always have to have done something fundamentally wrong. Sometimes your reputation will be damaged by users who have not gotten what they expected from you. The important thing is to show your face and always offer a solution without looking for excuses and blaming others.

There is a before, during and after in launching a business. Each phase requires a different treatment. I repeat myself but: take care of the details. In the vast majority of cases they are much more relevant than you imagine.

Successful entrepreneur François Derbaix has recently published a blog post where he discusses some of the following topics in more depth. Never justify a higher cost because you want to hire someone, change offices, etc. because your sales forecast allows it. You do not control this data and, contrary to the previous one, it depends less on you than you would like.

Estimate the cost of acquiring a client : how much do you have to spend to get a client? The sum of all shares gives this figure. It has no more secret. The recurrence of income : are your sales recurring or do you have to start the race from scratch every month? In Cogan we had the problem we had to capture new campaigns every month. Few customers immediately repeated. At Quondam we now have a subscription model where a customer generates recurring income if they don’t unsubscribe.

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