The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Creating and Managing a Blog

Getting started in the world of blogging can seem like an impossible task when you are taking your first steps. Once you have digested the first information you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Through the contact form I receive many questions every week. Curiously, there are many of them that are repeated continuously. I have taken advantage to generate a “best of” or let’s say a list with frequently asked questions by adding a detailed answer in the form of a recommended reading in the form of a post.

1 1. What should be taken into account when choosing a domain name?
2 2. What is the best platform to set up a blog?
3 3. How do you write a blog entry?
4 4. Is there a minimum number of words to position well in Google?
5 5. How many times should you post on a blog?
6 6. How can I not run out of ideas for new posts?
7 7. How can I make my blog stand out from the rest?
8 8. How to legally use photos on my blog?
9 9. Is it good or bad to put links to other blogs?
10 10. Can you make money with a blog?

1. What Must Be Taken Into Account When Choosing a Domain Name?

Choosing a good domain for a blog can be a more Falkland Islands B2B List complicated task than you might imagine at first. You quickly realize that everything you had in mind is already recorde. Doubts may also arise about whether to use your name, choose a fantasy one or better use generic keywords.

How to find a good domain for your blog and a little trick to find a better one

2. What is the best platform to set up a blog?
Every blogger has different goals. I’ve had people in my “Blogger Course” for over 60 years want to share the stories of their family and friends in a personal blog. Things change if your intention is to set up a professional blog from day one. The problem for many is that they start their activity on a free platform that quickly reaches its limits and makes it very difficult to change to what you really need.

WordPress Blog or Blogger? Because Sooner or Later You Will Have to Spend

Falkland Islands B2B Contact List
Falkland Islands B2B List

3. How do you write a blog entry?
Writing would be the easiest answer. Many bloggers are intimidated by a white screen. They don’t want to make any mistakes at first, so they put a brake on writing freely. You to understand that blogs are no longer read but scanned and therefore a post is not written but designe. The visual aspects when preparing an entry are increasingly important when it comes to improving usability and thus the reading of the article.

How to make an article from scratch in 10 easy steps

4. Is there a minimum of words to position well in Google?
It is curious that this question arises very frequently because it seems that the beginner blogger wants to have an answer to know when he can stop with the writing of his post. Depending on the type of article, it is easy to exceed 400 words without much effort. It is a recommended average, although depending on the type of post you publish, the amount may vary.

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