The 10 Essential Skills to Have a Blog That Is Read

It is not so complicated to have a blog that is read. It is enough to work hard and never lose patience even if the results take years to arrive. You have to look at the path that others have traveled to know what is required to reach the goals you set for yourself.

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1 Planning and creating entries
2 Connect to reader
3 Optimization of results obtained
Planning and creating entries
There are no secrets or tricks to setting up a personal blog. The most important thing at the beginning is to publish, write and above all not stop writing.

1. Discipline to publish frequently : at the beginning it is easy to write in a blog because you start with great enthusiasm and have the false expectations that the results will come quickly. After the second week you need more than just passion to keep moving forward. Here it will depend above all on whether you are able to be disciplined over a period of months and years.

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2. Daily organization to find the time : apart from Samoa B2B List the discipline you need the time to write. Although you give priority to blogging on a day-to-day basis, unforeseen events can break your best intentions. You should plan your weeks and writing times in advance to find those spaces where you can write. Make use of idle times such as the time you wait at the doctor or the subway ride to type sketches on your mobile.

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3. Do not waste time with tasks that do not add value : to answer the question of everything that does not add value at first, a very simplified answer can be given. 95% of tasks that have nothing to do with creating content is wasted time that you are not investing in writing posts. From the second year and only if you already have more than 100 posts created, you can distract yourself with web positioning issues. You have to know how to apply the Pareto Principle to increase productivity when writing.

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Connect with the reader. Most skills come almost automatically through practice. Connecting with the reader is a bit more complex since it depends on the personality of each blogger.

4. Take risks without being controversial – It is easy to agree with a general opinion. Things get a bit more complicated if you go against her. Taking risks can be a way of gaining sympathy for having the courage to have a different opinion. Especially at the beginning it is relatively easy to take risks because you have nothing to lose. Apart from your mother and 2 or 3 friends there are not many people who are missing in your personal blog. What are you waiting for to risk a little and go against the current?

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5. Find the right tone : in a blog you write practically as you speak. It makes reading a lot easier since you don’t complicate your life by using technical language that most of your visitors wouldn’t understand anyway. You realize you’ve hit the right tone when the number of comments starts to increase. For them you can tell personal stories without having to go into intimate details. Many of those who read you could identify with you because they have experienced situations very similar to yours.

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