That You Can Adapt Through Your Competitor’s Hard Work

does not have to be current. It’s okay to run your own business and help your customers, but you just have to be careful. The biggest mistake businesses can make right now is appearing to be piggybacking on the pandemic. So it’s a question of balance. We should definitely work on what is happening in the world, but we can choose not to work on it. Many businesses are now just talking about the coronavirus and not mentioning other ways they can help their customers. For companies that haven’t done any SEO work in the past, now is the perfect time to plant a tree. A tree planted now may provide shade on a sunny day in the future, and there’s nothing wrong with creating it with content that responds to the current crisis. Answer

questions, participate in industry-specific forums

and create video tutorials to help your customers. Everyone must remember that this crisis is temporary and there is another aspect that must be planned for. Content C Level Executive List Lessons and Important Notes Here are some lessons and advice taken from the group. You shouldn’t create content for the purpose of creating content. However, you should maintain a regular content publishing schedule. Don’t advertise your company or appear to be piggybacking on the pandemic. Focus on customer needs. Does your content pass the litmus test of “Will it help your customers?” Get regular feedback on customer needs. Determine the (relatively) unique value your company can mention or offer.

Review content to be published for

C Level Executive List

inappropriate or inconsiderate content. Be prepared to change your content plan quickly as the environment changes. Proactively make content plans for the future after COVID-19. (The timing of its release needs to be carefully considered.) Use research and data to back up your content. Continue to create and publish content that is useful for long-term rankings and SEO. *This article is a translation and supplement of the article published on 4/10 by the US media ” Marketing Land ” . 0 follow us in feedly PR Popular article ranking Overall ranking week month Total clips 5 Reasons Most Marketing

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