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emotional state.” Antonio Damasio, a neurologist and professor at the University of Southern California, said, “An organism can have feeling only if it can represent bodily functions and the associated changes that occur in the brain.” Emotion and Reason: Keys to Effective Decision Making The relationship between emotion and reason is another area often misunderstood in marketing. Therefore, it is difficult to use emotional content to influence the rational choices of audiences. What comes to mind when you think of emotion and reason? You’re not the only one to come up with diametrically opposed concepts. But it’s also completely wrong. Consider the case of one of Damasio’s patients, a man with a tumor in his prefrontal

cortex. After removal of the tumor

the patient exhibited intelligence, humor, charm and maintained intellectual acuity. However, his life went downhill quickly. Removal of the tumor unintentionally Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists damaged his emotional processes and paralyzed his ability to make decisions. Time was ticking regardless of how simple the decision was. And so was his life. When do you schedule appointments? This decision could take up to 30 minutes. What about deciding what to eat for lunch? It also took hours. The patient was faced with decisions that left him in a precarious state. As I weighed the seemingly endless pros and cons of making a single decision, I struggled against the tide. Emotional processing and rational decision-making are deeply

intertwined, bringing to the surface

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

the false distinction between emotion and reason. Emotions help the brain judge the relative worth of competing inputs. Emotionless “logical thinking prevents us from assigning different values ​​to different options,” according to Damasio. As a result, the patient’s “decision-making domain was hopelessly unchanged.” So this shows the extent to which emotions play a role in evaluating choices. Generating an emotional response that prompts action Depending on your company’s goals, you may want your audience to choose a particular product or service. Others focus on eliciting a behavioral

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