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The next time it will certainly not end up on Brazil Phone Number your website, but that of the competitor. Test, analyze and keep improving So, you’ve written new page titles and possibly meta descriptions. Are you ready now? No, actually it’s just starting now. Track the results of your rewritten metadata in Search Console or Google Analytics. The most important data to keep an eye on are the organic positions and your CTR. Continue to Brazil Phone Number analyze whether you see growth and adjust where necessary. Time for thorough keyword research? In many ways you arrive at a successful end product, a clear list of search terms and volumes. Most importantly, there is a certain logic behind it.

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This ensures that you work with more Brazil Phone Number structure, resulting in a better end result. In this article I’ll explain one way for keyword research. Keyword research has changed a lot in recent years, and many different ways have emerged. Tools show search volumes, but can also show what search terms your ‘competitors’ score on. This makes it Brazil Phone Number easy to ‘copy’ and you no longer have to do everything yourself. Start at the beginning Is this your first time doing keyword research? Then think of different terms that people can use to find your products or services. Do you have a locksmith business?

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Then think of terms such as locksmith Brazil Phone Number and locksmith company. But also consider variants, such as key service or additional services such as burglary protection. If you have a list of five or six search terms, enter it into Google. Then grab the top 5 in the organic search results and do this for all search terms. Make a clear overview in Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel as in the example below. Eventually you will get a nice list of about 25 to 30 URLs that you can continue with. This is highly dependent on the offer and the Brazil Phone Number competition, so it can also be a lot less or a lot more. Do you think this is not enough and does your company offer various services? Then of course you can always use more search terms. Then pick the top four or top three, so you don’t end up with a long list of URLs to check.

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