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Different apps in conflict: Google Assistant was the first to introduce the voice search feature. However, there are other apps on the Play Store that also provide the same service. Check if any conflicting apps on your phone might be affecting Google Assistant. Related: How to turn on Google voice search What to do if OK Google doesn’t work on your device If the OK Google is not working properly. You can follow the steps below to get everything in order. 1. Troubleshoot your Android phone. If your Google Assistant isn’t working properly or responding well to. Hey Google on your mobile phone, make sure you turn on. Voice Match , and then follow these steps: Open the. Google Assistant app Go to wizard settings Click on ” Popular Settings ” followed by. Voice Match Activate Hey Google and configure Voice Match correctly 2. 

Turn off battery saving mode Ideally, Google is one of those apps that won’t run if you turn. On battery saver mode on your Android phone. Battery saver mode will prevent most apps Belize whatsApp number list on your phone from processing anything in the background. So, before you can blame OK Google for not working as it should, you need to confirm that your phone is not in battery saving mode. Open Settings on your phone or device Navigate and scroll down to tap Drums Tap on battery saving mode and turn it off On other Android phones, you can turn off battery saver mode in Adaptive Battery. 

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 Retrain your Google Assistant Google Assistant won’t follow your voice commands if you don’t train it well. It won’t execute most of your commands if it can’t follow or recognize your speech. So you need to retrain your OK Google to recognize your voice. This is what you should do: Go to your Google app In the bottom right corner, tap the More option Tap Settings followed by Voice Tap Voice Match Select a ” Teach your Assistant your voice again ” option. Finish the process with the remaining steps on the screen. 4. Fix microphone problems on your device If your Google Assistant isn’t working properly, it’s possible that your device’s microphone isn’t working. Google Assistant relies on your microphone working well as a voice-based tool. 

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When you open your Google app, the microphone icon should be bold and solid. If the lines are gone, it means your microphone has issues that you need to fix to continue using voice search. The microphone not working properly may be caused by debris in the microphone hole near the charging port. Get a safety pin and remove any dirt and debris that may be blocking your microphone. If this doesn’t work, you can check the microphone settings in your Google app. Related: Google Voice Search: The Complete Guide 5. Change language settings Another way to fix voice search not working on your device is to check the language settings on your device. You could be speaking the wrong language with your Google Assistant, making it impossible for Google to execute your command. 

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US English is the default language in Google Assistant for most users, but you can switch to another language of your choice. Please check in the settings menu to modify the language settings as you wish. Follow these steps to achieve it: On your phone, open the Google app Go to the bottom right corner and tap on the More option Click Settings Click on Voice Check which language option is selected and make sure it’s the language you’d like to use in your Google Assistant 6. Turn on Google Assistant The Google Assistant app may not work on your smartphone because it is turned off. That sounds basic, but most people would have Google Assistant disabled and wonder why it’s not working in the first place. 


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