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Translation of the first lines: “You just need 1 backpack – Functional & Individual – Your name on your backpack” I think it’s obvious I sell backpacks. Unfortunately, Mexico Phone Number List was taken. So I had to come up with an extension to “hyke”. I chose to go as it Mexico Phone Number List expresses the business the best. I want to build my business around the freedom-seeker-lifestyle Mexico Phone Number List movement. Screenshot showing Shopify custom domain setting After purchasing the custom domain. I finished everything I wanted to finish that evening.

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Even though I’m slowly but surely Mexico Phone Number List running out of time and things are not running smoothly. I’m happy I could start selling and shipping! Everything became a bit overwhelming. Slowly but surely I lost control. I had two options: Pause the project until my Mexico Phone Number List military training in the German army is over (and don’t reach my goal) OR Ask for help. I hate not reaching my goals, so I had to ask for help. Not being able to work on HYKE from Monday to Fridays made things Mexico Phone Number List very difficult. Like I already said, I could’ve stopped the whole project until the training is over but I didn’t want to lose momentum.

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So I called a good friend and business Mexico Phone Number List partner of mine to ask if he’d like to join me. I told him about the project, showed him my plan and he agreed. We even split the costs of the backpacks ($1,197.50 USD each) so we’re equal partners. Obviously, my personal Mexico Phone Number List profit is now less than it was before, but having a partner on my side can become very helpful Mexico Phone Number List (even after I finish my training). For now, he will take care of executing the marketing plan I Mexico Phone Number List mapped out earlier. Screenshot showing a spreadsheet With only three weeks left to achieve the goal of making $1,000 USD in profit,

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