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Challenge 4: No understanding of Google changes Considerations: How are Google’s changes affecting you? For example, changing the broad match modifier affected the quality of leads we received. SEO: Have you noticed a change in the leads generated after a Google update? PPP: Has removing BMM helped us? How has it affected us? You’ll want to make sure you have context and determine how some changes are affecting your campaigns. You are running campaigns blindly When customers say they’re getting bad leads, some of them are bad, but they may not have a great inbound call process and don’t know it. Running campaigns blindly results in low client retention for agencies and a terrible experience for businesses. 

The story of a dental client Before the stage: Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [webinar] Franco shares that his client had no idea when he asked how many clients they generated with a $30K budget. The client didn’t like Google ads just because his approach wasn’t right the first time. The Solution: Continuous Improvement with Advanced Call Tracking Software Franco’s team was able to engage the customer as soon as they mentioned that they would transparently track leads Bulgaria whatsApp number list and see what they were generating for them. Having that added transparency really made a difference. after the stage They installed tracking numbers and contact forms. Spending on Google PPC with measurable results (for example, they know they are generating appointments). An improved sales process that has impacted your other channels. 

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Tons of opportunities found for a 20 year old office in business. Confidence in what is bringing them new patients. They know who came from the ads. The call tracking tool they used Using CallRail as a tracking tool allowed Franco’s team to do the following: Offline Call Tracking Online call tracking customer journey Dynamic number insertion call notifications Free call recording call forwarding Google Analytics Integration Google Ads Integration Integration with Google My Business or Integration with Facebook Franco’s team has been able to leverage these tools to provide their clients with the right data and the right insights to ensure their advertising dollars are well spent.

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 Benefits of Advanced Call Tracking Software Benefit 1: Identify the highest performing channels Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [webinar] Benefit 2: Capture the Right Keywords You will identify the keywords that generated traffic and leads and use this knowledge to launch a PPC or SEO campaign. Example: Using data from PPC campaigns to create optimized content for a new website design. Benefit 3: Show clients you can deliver results Do you want to make your customers happy? Deliver results, whether it’s getting people to buy, make an appointment, or take another converting action. 

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Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [webinar]Benefit 4: Measure the quality of leads Are you getting the right calls? You need to know: What are they interested in? Are the callers motivated or investigating? Are they calls from wrong numbers? Example: BMM change from “Miami dentist” Call Tracking for Google Ads and SEO: Convert Leads Faster [webinar] Benefit 5: Improve the process of incoming calls Listen to calls to determine keyword and inbound sales effectiveness. Use insights to train customer staff with a call script. Example: Dental customer initial inbound process affected by all paid and organic efforts. They had potentially lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in business over the years. 


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